Meet Our Leaders
Southlands’ Youth is supported by our congregation, a team of dedicated volunteers, and the Children’s and Youth Ministry Coordinator under the supervision of our pastors, Captains Peter and Lee-Ann van Duinen.
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Hello, my name is Jenny. I just stepped into this position in September 2017, but I have been hanging out with Southlands’ Youth as a volunteer for a few years now. I am one of the young adults at Southlands and have always called Southlands my church home. I discovered my passion for youth ministry while working at The Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp in Saskatchewan, where I have spent 3 summers working. Up until February 2017 I was pursuing a career in nursing, but God has slowly been revealing to me that He has different plans for my life. I can’t say I know 100% what they are yet, but I know He will let me know in His perfect timing, and I know this is where         Jenny hanging out with some girls                  I’m meant to be right now. I’m really excited to have the                      in the West Bank                         privilege of helping the youth continue to know, love,                                                                      and serve God, and build on the foundation laid by                                                                        previous leaders.
We have a number of dedicated volunteers who support the youth by helping to lead events, driving, teaching, hosting us in their homes, and baking for our snacks!  All of our volunteers must go through the following screening to work with our youth:
  -Criminal Record Check
  -Child Abuse Registry Check
  -Application to Work with Children and Youth
  -Salvation Army Code of Conduct and Abuse Prevention         Policy
  -Armatus Abuse Prevention Training
  -Drivers must additionally have a clean Driver’s Abstract
   (and be at least 18 years old)                                                Volunteers Peter and Jian playing Circle of Death                                                                                                                                                              with some of the youth