LITs meet daily with the LIT Director to learn about leadership and how to work as a team.
LITs can choose to lead games and activities, or simply be there for the campers.
Sometimes more experienced LITs feel confident enough to lead electives!
We can’t imagine day camp without LITs! 

Leaders In Training (LIT) Program

Occuring in connection to our Summer KidsQuest Day Camps, the LIT Program provides youth with a safe space to develop leadership skills. Youth who have completed Grade 7 can apply to become LITs in one or more of our weeks of summer camp. Through this program, youth are encouraged in their leadership development through hands on opportunities, learning from reflecting, teaching, special guests and shadowing. They are also encouraged to be intentional in their learning by developing their own learning goals. Opportunities range from leading games and activities to being more behind the scenes. Applications come out in March of each year. It’s a great opportunity to make friends, learn leadership skills, and to help campers have an awesome summer! 
KidsQuest Day Camp is an affordable Bible-based summer program available to children aged 6-12. For registration instructions and other info, click here
Check back here in April for LIT Applications for the 2020 KidsQuest Season!
Please e-mail with any questions about the LIT Application process.
Employment Opportunities
Official job positions will be posted in April for the KidsQuest 2020 year. 
Beaver Creek Camp is a Salvation Army overnight camp located 15 minutes outside of Saskatoon, SK. Applications will be available in March, 2020 for all positions at the camp including Program Staff (Program Director, Rec Director, Bible Director, and LIT Leader) as well as male and female Cabin Leaders, Head Cook, Second Cook, Kitchen Support Staff, Maintenance Staff, and Lifeguards. Click HERE for more information and to apply for the 2020 camping season.