Southlands’ Youth is…

Christ Centered.

We believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, son of God.  The Christian Bible is the primary source for information about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the main resource for Christian faith.


We seek to bring Youth and their families into a meaningful relationship with Jesus in a way that they are challenged to make a personal, life changing commitment. They are provided tools to explore, expand and build their faith.


Youth are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Christ and each other.  We strive to build a safe community by nurturing one another in love, fellowship and respect.


Our goal is to be welcoming to all youth, especially from our community. We encourage youth to join the youth group at any point during the year.


The responsibility for Youth Ministry resides with the congregation as a whole.   As such, there are intentional linkages made between the youth and the congregation creating a support network.
Our hope is to orient the youth towards service to others with a servant’s heart.

Growing Leaders

Our hope is that the youth will be able to use their gifts and talents and be empowered to become leaders.  The youth actively participate in planning, leading, organizing, setting up and cleaning up events.

A Team.

We are in ministry together as adults and with the youth, guiding and growing as we learn together.